"Moving from a fear based model to a

Love based model of birthing,

includes befriending your fear.

This creates capacity to make informed decisions and reconnects you to your power centre so that you can meet your birth & your baby, with loving acceptance."

Are You Ready??

What Is

Love Based Birth?

Love Based Birth is a method, a movement, a consciousness that moves people who are ready; from fear to love.

Love Based Birth preparation classes are for couples who take an active, leading role in their pregnancy and birth, as an extention of how they live their life.

Couples who want the most gentle start for their baby, and want to be well equipped to make decisions along the way. We don't follow medical or any other advise blindly, we combine all information we receive with our inherent intuitive wisdom, to then make the best decisions for us personally.

Love Based Birthers are free birthers, home birthers and hospital birthers connected to the power of intuition, fuelled with information and rooted in love, creating the world we want to see for our children, one birth at a time.

We live all across the planet.

LBB birth preparation classes are currently being taught in Singapore, Bali, Mallorca Spain, and Dublin Ireland.

What Is A Love Based Birth Preparation Program?

And What Is Included?

The 2 Day Course is ideal for both first-time parents and experienced parents who are looking to be guided towards clarity and productive action while creating their ideal birth in a short amount of time.

2 x 3Hour Live Interactive Teaching Sessions

Lifetime Access to The 5 Week Original Online Love Based Birth Preparation Program

Green Baby Care & Breastfeeding Module

The Book: From Fear to Love: Your Guide to a Fearless, Magical Birth

Workbook & Templates

Love Based Birth Hive Community

Continued WhatsApp Support


for only $595

During this program you will find clarity with:

WHY birth matters for mum, baby and the whole family

✨HOW to work within the overwhelmed mainstream system to have your best outcome on every level: Mind Body Spirit

✨Creating Your Ideal Birth Plan: Defining your desires for plan A

✨The essential and important role dads/partners have in supporting the changing body and mental landscape during pregnancy birth and postpartum

✨ How to work with the intensity of labour and support your body to open and your mind to relax

✨ Working with twists and turns: Understanding your options for plan b, c, and d

You will also learn:

✨How your mind affects your body

✨The stages of labor, how your uterus muscle works, and how to support its function

✨Tools for working with pain

✨Using breath, movement and sound to help you cruise through the hard parts

✨Helping create space in your body so baby can find its best position

✨Daily massage techniques for partners to give to help support the changing pregnant body

✨Getting comfortable with your plan B: What if I need intervention?

✨Getting comfortable with your plan C: What if I need a Cesarean? Prepping for your best possible surgery is essential birth preparation

Supporting your babies microbiome and immune system

And SO MUCH MORE including heaps of laughs and sometimes tears 💛

Upcoming 2024 Dates for 2 Day Program:

July 27th & 28th

2:00pm - 5:00pm SGT (UTC+8)

In Person or Via Zoom


Love Based Birth

Preparation Program Includes:


birth preparation class red miller

Live Interactive Teaching Sessions

(SGD $600/session Value)

This is our time to go a step deeper in building confidence by exploring breathing, transforming fears, practicing pain coping techniques and working with different possible birth scenarios and having your partner fully engaged.

Online Love Based Birth Preparation Program
birth plans

Lifetime Access to The Expanded 5 Week Online Love Based Birth Preparation Program

(SGD $599 Value)

1. Taking a Leading Role– Create a solid support system to help you toward your dream birth. Begin to understand the conditions that make an optimal environment for your body to shine during labor.

2. Preparing Your Terrain– Acknowledging our fear of the unknown helps us take proactive steps – fear becomes a useful guide. Connect deeper with your baby, and take small steps to more optimal nutritional.​

3. Making Informed Decisions, Preparing the body to Blossom– Learn steps to reduce your likelihood of tearing, prepare your birth plan and strengthen your ability to handle twists and turns. Get to know your amazing pelvis and discover its secrets to gentle birthing success.

4. How Your Body Works During Labor– We break down the stages of labor, give birth partners a clear roadmap for how to best support you during labor and learn gentle birth coping methods.​

5. Giving birth and Immediately After– Your baby is out! And you have options, whether you are at the hospital, at home or a birth center; these essential first hours are critical.

breastfeeding class


Green Baby Care & Breastfeeding Class

(SGD $99 Value) Online Module

In this class you will learn a ton of tips and tricks for navigating life with a new baby.

Our passion is helping parents and their babies be as clean, green and chemical free as possible so we cover mum and baby body products, diapering (cloth and disposable), baby care from that perspective 🌱💚☀ we even talk laundry soap brands.

This session will suit you if you are into minimalism, saving money, breastfeeding and low tox living

From Fear to Love, Your Guide to a Fearless, Magical Birth

The Book: From Fear to Love, Your Guide to a Fearless, Magical Birth

(SGD $25 Value)

'Drawing from her experience attending births around the world, Red provides real life knowledge of pain, healing, and self-discovery for preparing to experience the magic of new life. e stories are shared with a raw openness that truly honors the challenges of life while providing opportunities to help us to transform and heal to bring more love to life and birth.’

~ Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Director of Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept-Secret and founder of Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class

‘From Fear to Love is an excellent journey that every woman must imbibe as motherhood hails. It’s a book from the depths of the heart of a soul who wants the best and only the very best for mothers. thank you very much for this gem and thank you to the almighty for allowing our paths to cross.’

~ J Ravichandran, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, President of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia

birth preparation workbook

Workbook & Templates

(SGD $25 Value)

Save time and stress of trying to create your plans and use our proven templates!

Step-by-step Class workbook - These workbooks will keep you on track and accountable.

Templates - Birth plans, questions to ask your primary care provider and guides on how to approach the many situations we are put in during this magical time of pregnancy.

love based birth community

Love Based Birth Hive Community


Access to the private Love Based Birth Global Community - Have the Love Based Birth community at your fingertips to ask questions and share experiences.

A community that backs your birth plan.

A Tribe that can suggest solutions to your concerns.

A community of mothers, partners, parents, and health professionals who are eager for easy to use evidenced-based birth and parenting information and connection with other liked minded people who support and care about each other.


birth preparation workbook

Continued WhatsApp Support


Just because our class time ends doesn’t mean our relationship does 🧡

During the Live, In Person Sessions, You Will Learn:

(* Points are Only Included in the 4 Day Birth Preparation Course

  • Creating your WHY - What do I want my birth to look & FEEL like?

  • How to get your birthing hormones working for you

  • Why is the type of birth important for my baby?

  • What is the microbiome & what does this have to do with birth?

  • Understanding how your mind affects your body.

  • Refresher stages of labour

  • What if I need intervention? Working with your plan B.

  • What if I need a caesarean? Prep for your best possible surgery.

  • Working with pain - all the most affective tips and tricks from breath to water to movement

  • Getting baby into the ideal position - including hands on practice

  • How dads/partners can help to help soften & open the pelvis, ligaments and muscles- including massage practice

  • * 6 Step Plan to work with fears and turn them into positive action

  • * More indepth exploration of the stages of labor and birthing hormones

  • * Clear understanding how your uterus muscle works and how to support its function

  • * Preparing for life with a newborn, what to expect in the first days and weeks

  • * Breastfeeding 101

  • * How to care naturally for your body in the fourth trimester and promote healing

  • * Essential shopping list for the postnatal period


The Creatrix Of

Love Based Birth

Red Miller helps women navigate their pregnancies with sacred intuition and embodied love, so they can connect to their magic, be fully empowered in their choices, and birth with more ease and pleasure.

As a holistic midwife, Red has guided thousands of women, like you, from around the globe, to bridge the gap between the birth of their dreams and everything that is keeping them from experiencing exactly that.

Red’s unique approach guides women to build support structures, navigate the health system they are working in and transform their fears into positive action.

Red has attended nearly a thousand births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings from rice fields to Bollywood to four babies in a palace. She currently calls Bali home.

Love Based Birth is for you if you are pregnant and...

  • You want to feel strong, powerful, connected and heard throughout your pregnancy and birth.

  • You want to minimise and avoid birth interventions like Cesarean, episiotomies, vacuums, forceps and labor induction.

  • You are looking for ways to cope with labor pain naturally.

  • ​You want to be well prepared for making informed decisions.

  • ​You have experienced birth and want to refresh your knowledge or improve your experience.

  • ​You want to connect with other pregnant mums in your area.

  • ​You are planning a VBAC.

"Ultimately the point is not whether you have an

orgasmic water birth or a Caesarean;

the point is that you felt powerful,

loved and heard in the process"
~ Red Miller

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Do You Have Queries? Please Go Through 'Frequently Asked Questions' First

How does this offering work exactly?

When you enrol you will be given instant access to the Love Based Birth 5 Week Program Online and free membership to Love Based Birth Hive. Inside the LBB Hive we have a private space for our class to connect. Plus you will have the live, in person group sessions with Red.

Can I join these classes if I'm outside Singapore?

Yes! You can join us now from any country in the world via zoom; we often have couples from around the world joining our live birth preparation classes. And of course the online modules are included.

What's the difference between Love Based Birth and other birth preparation classes?

Firstly there are many great class available on and offline, it is important you find a good match for you. Love Based Birth was created by a holistic, home birth midwife with 2 decades of experience working with women who want to do things differently.

The LBB program is fresh and up to date and gets women results every time. We plan not only for our ideal birth, but also prepare for plan b, c and d so that regardless of the twists and turns that arrive, we are grounded in our decision making process. This is what creates magical birthing experiences.

Is this class good for me if I have already had a few babies?

YES! These classes are perfect if you are already an experienced mum and birther and would like to either refresh your knowledge or further improve on your experience.

Red, I am very pregnant, is it still worth it, do I have time?

Yes! Because the LBB 5 core modules are instantly available for you, you can devour the material as quickly as you need!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if at the end of the program, you feel the program didn't deliver value for you and your partner then you simply have to ask for a refund.

How much does it cost?

One time payment of SGD $595 for the 2 day program and $895 for the 4 day program and this also includes the online 5 modules and all the extras. :)

Do I get any on going support after my baby is born?

Yes! On going WhatsApp support is available to everyone who takes the classes.

We also have our online community, the LBB Hive, where Red and other professionals in this space, are available to answer questions and give support, and we have events we gather for an on going learning opportunities.

Call +65 9752 6040


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